Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for GCN (Game Cube)

When DK Island comes under attack by the evil Kongs, it's up to Donkey Kong and his animal friends to set off and save the day. This time, however, it's not just a straightforward platforming adventure. You use the Gamecube Bongos (free with Donkey Konga) to control the hulking ape.

As you travel over ground you control Donkey Kong by hitting the left or right bongos, or clapping, to let Donkey Kong run, jump, wall-kick and so on through the lush jungles, over the mountains, and across the empty savannah. If you have good rhythm then DK will be able to get through each stage with no problem, but mess up and he could tumble. You also use the bongos to travel over land on a variety of animals, each providing their own rhythm to meet. Fighting the evil Kongs is intuitively simple - punching them with a hook corresponding to the drum you hit.

There are also many minigames to play, each using the Bongos to control.

Source: PlanetNintendo.com (some modications have been made)

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