Donkey Kong Country for SNES

Donkey Kong country is one of the greatest games made for Super Nintendo. It pushed the SNES limits in graphics & gameplay.

The story takes place ten years after the first Nintendo Donkey Kong game took place, and the original Donkey Kong is now old, worn out and cranky, which gives him the name of Cranky Kong.

Ever since Cranky Kong had given up trying to take the Princess from Mario everything seemed to be normal in Kongo jungle. Until all of the Kongs' banana hoard was stolen by the evil king Krock. So now its up to Donkey Kong and his little pal Diddy Kong to go after and return all of the bananas with the help of Cranky Kong along the way.

There are thirty-three challenging levels and sixty-seven bonus levels to find during the adventure, with seven different locations for Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to battle through and defeat the seven evil bosses at the end of each location.

Game Characters:

Donkey Kong - The main character throughout the game. With the strength DK has, he is almost unstoppable but he lacks in speed and jumping which is where his buddy Diddy Kong comes in....

Diddy Kong - Donkey Kongs' best friend and his sidekick in this adventure. They team up to make Team Kong and with DK’s strength and Diddy’s speed & jumping their team is strong and able to defeat King K and his army of crocks.

Cranky Kong - Cranky has been retired for 10 years after his defeat against Mario. Now lives in a cabin which DK and Diddy K can go to for advice.

Candy Kong - DK’s admirer and helper on the adventure - use a barrel to save your state.

Funky Kong - Funky is one DK’s friend’s and he helps by flying him to where ever he wants to go.

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