Donkey Kong Country Cheats (Game Boy Color)

Stop And Go Station: Shortcut: Go to the left at the beginning of the level to fall half-way ahead in the level.

Gorilla Glacier: Secret transporter: Enter the Slipslide ride. When in the level, walk along until you find a kind of pointy object or a rope. Wait for the creature to appear and jump on it to get the height needed to grab the rope. When on the rope jump off to find a barrel. Throw it against the wall and go inside. Spell "Kong" and get an extra life. When finished are outside the cave, jump to find a secret transporter which transports you half way through the level.

Jungle Hijinxs: Extra lives: Go to the first stage in Kongo Jungle and enter Jungle Hijinks. Once you see Donkey Kong pop out, go back into his house. Jump on the rocks that are sticking out to get to the top. Enter the house to find a extra life balloon. Press Start to pause game play, then press Select to return to Kongo Jungle. Enter Jungle Hijinx again and repeat.

Go to Jungle Hijinxs, climb the steps where the Donkey Kong's tree house is located, get on the trees, pass the arrow of bananas, pass the bunch of bananas, and get the red balloon. Keep going and do the very long jump to get another red balloon. Go a little farther and there will be a green balloon. Go all the way back to the start and find the hole. Go inside it to get Kong's Banana Board. Go back outside and you can get all the balloons again.

Gorilla Glacier: Extra lives: Go to Candy's Challenge in Gorilla Glacier. Spell "Candy" and you will get one life, then spell "Funky" to get two lives -- but do not correctly spell "Cranky". You can do this a many times as needed, but if you correctly spell "Cranky" you will not be able to go back.

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