Donkey Kong Country Cheats (Game Boy Advance)

Hero Mode: For Hero Mode to be unlocked, you must complete the regular game through, completely. Upon doing so, you'll have Hero Mode available. In it, you will have no mid-stage save barrels, and you can only play as Diddy.

Sound Test: From the main files screen, highlight "Erase" with your cursor, then while holding down SELECT, enter B, A, L, L, A, DOWN.

Warp Barrel: Mine Cart Carnage: At the start of the stage, don't hop into the barrel at the very beginning that launches you onto the track. Instead, leap over it and down the cliff, where you'll hopefully land in a warp barrel.

Warp Barrel: Stop & Go Station: This level can be tricky, huh? Instead of fighting those irritating invincible Kremlings, turn right backwards from the start, and hop into the elusive Warp barrel.

Warp Barrel: Winky's Walkway: Once you find Winky (on the raised hanging platform), hop left, opposed to right, where you should locate a hovering Warp barrel.

Warp Barrel: Millstone Mayhem: After the first Gnawty in the massive rolling wheel, drop down the crevice that usually results in death, and be launched upward. Move left, and along into the Warp barrel above.

Start Game With 50 Lives: At the game files screen, highlight the "Erase" button, and while holding SELECT, press B, A, R, R, A, L.

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