Donkey Kong 64 for N64 (Nintendo 64)

Because the game is so big and the graphics are all in high-resolution, this was the first N64 game that required the memory expansion pack.

All of the Kongs but Donkey Kong have been captured and locked up. Also, King K. Rool has mechanized Crocodile Isle, and is pointing a huge, but malfunctioning gun at DK Island. Donkey Kong has to rescue his friends and collect the Golden Bananas needed to face K. Rool and put an end to the Blast-o-Matic scheme.

Donkey Kong starts alone in the jungle. Once he has learned the basic moves from Cranky Kong he can move into the hub world and start entering levels. After a while he will free Diddy, and he will become playable when Donkey Kong jumps into a Kong Barrel. Over the next few levels you will also unlock Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong and Chunky Kong. In each stage there are five Golden Bananas to collect for each character, which is done by performing tasks. Each character has their own attributes, and learn different moves, get different weapons, and can hit different switches. There are also 100 bananas to collect per character per stage, which are needed to open the boss of each world and to unlock Cranky's secret game.

The game has many unlockables, and even a multiplayer deathmatch, where players have to collect ammo for their guns and shoot the life out of each other.

Source: PlanetNintendo.com (some modications have been made)

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