Diddy Kong Racing for N64 (Nintendo 64)

This kart-racing game was announced just two weeks before its release. Young Diddy Kong has been called to his friend Timber's island home, where a giant wizard named WizPig has moved in and sealed off all the race tracks. You have to choose from a variety of Diddy's friends to race around circuits and come first, earning Gold Balloons that can be used to unlock tracks and reach WizPig.

On circuits you can find Zippers that make you zoom ahead, as well as items that can be charged up by collecting multiple item balloons of the same colour. You can collect missiles, drop-behinds, magnets (allowing you to catch up or make someone else fall behind) and boosts. Using these in the stages will help you win.

While very similar to Mario Kart 64 in a lot of respects, Diddy Kong Racing offers you a choice of three different racing crafts - the car, the hovercraft and the plane. Each one must be mastered on each stage in order to win the many unlockable prizes, such as circuits, characters and game modes.

You can also play multiplayer races, either in a Grand Prix or just the human players against each other. Battle games can also be played, which range from shooting missiles at each other to be the last man standing, to successfully getting a certain number of eggs back to your corner of the stage.

Source: PlanetNintendo.com (some modications have been made)

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