Diddy Kong Racing Cheats (Nintendo 64)

Cheat Codes: From the 'enter cheat' menu area, enter these codes to receive the stated result:

FREEFRUIT - Start with 10 bananas
TOXICOFFENDER - All balloons are green
DOUBLEVISION - Two players can use the same character
OPPOSITESATTRACT - All balloons are rainbows
BODYARMOR - All balloons are yellow
BOMBSAWAY - All balloons are red
ROCKETFUEL - All balloons are blue
NOYELLOWSTUFF - No bananas in multiplayer mode
BYEBYEBALLOONS - Computer can't use weapons
TIMETOLOSE - Computer is uber-skilled
BLABBERMOUTH - Changes horn sounds
BOGUSBANANAS - Bananas slow you down
VITAMINB - Unlimited bananas
FREEFORALL - Fully powered-up balloons
JUKEBOX - Adds Music Test to Audio Options menu
ARNOLD - Large players
TEENYWEENIES - Small players
OFFROAD - Four wheel drive
WHODIDTHIS - View game credits

Boost at Race Start: To get an incredibly useful boost at the start of a level, wait for the words 'Get Ready!' to just start to fade from your screen as the race commences. This can be invaluable in some of the tougher races.

Better Boost from Zippers: To get the best boost possible from zippers, let go of the acceleration button (A) just before you hit them, then re-accelerate after zipping ahead. This proved very useful in tight races.

Space World: To unlock Space World, you first need to have beaten Wizpig once, and collected each amulet and trophy... not easy, I know. Anyways, once you do so, drive on down to the Lighthouse, and honk your horn in front of the sign. Doing so will transform it into a rocket, giving you a means of transport there.

Adventure 2 Mode: In this mode you collect platinum balloons, opposed to the Gold ones, and all the tracks are reversed. To unlock this mode, you'll need to defeat Wizpig once and for all at Space World. He rides one beast of a rocket, but it's a fun last race.

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